Evelyn Polk

Freelance artist

Printmaking Classes

I run a variety of printmaking classes from my studio in Bury St Edmunds.

Bury St Edmunds is a well equipped studio for printmaking and art and I provide friendly classes for beginners and artists alike.

Printmaking Classes include: Etching, Soft Ground Etching, Drypoint, Lino, Mono and Collagraph.

The studio is also available for hire on an hourly basis to those who have taken a class or are already an experienced printmaker.

Please contact me for availability of the classes or for more infromation using the contact form on the home page or email directly [email protected]

Mono Printing

Mono printing classes

This workshop takes you through three types of mono printing which allows you draw directly onto an inked surface.  Draw images pressing through paper. Make beautiful abstract patterns using stencils.
Offered as part of the introduction to printmaking course.
Tues evenings 3 week course 6pm - 8pm
See below for price and for more information about the introduction course.

Lino Printing

Lino Printing classes

These classes takes you through a reduction lino printing method which will enable you to create stunning multiple coloured prints.
Saturdays  10am - 4pm  one day class
or Wed evenings two day course 6pm - 8pm


Etching classes

Etching classes are a very versatile and great way of exploring the potential of a printmaking method. Where an images is etched onto a metal plate using an etching solution which enables you to create a wonderful, rich print and explore this technique by printing on a range of different papers.
Saturdays one day class   10am - 4pm  
or Wed evenings two day course 6pm - 8pm


Collagraph printing class

Collagraph printing is a form of intaglio printmaking made by creating a textured plate, inking up and then printing onto paper to achieve some surprising effects.
Saturdays  two day course 10am - 12.30pm
or Wed evenings 6pm - 8pm

Introduction to printmaking course

Mono, lino and drypoint printing techniques 

This course gives you a taster of a variety of printmaking techniques. Designed to give you an idea of what each technique involves giving you the skills to further pursue printmaking and to give you a foundation to progress onto some more advanced techniques.
Tuesday evenings 3 week course 6pm - 8pm
£80.00 for the course